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Advanced Tutorial on Analog Circuit Design in pdf


This book is a summary of analog circuit design related lectures from IEEE Advanced CMOS Technology School (ACTS) 2019. The topics cover continuous-time delta-sigma data converter, switched-capacitor power converter, ADC and power management IC. 

The slides are selected from the handouts, while the text was edited according to the lecturers talk.

ACTS is a joint activity supported by the IEEE Circuit and System Society (CASS) and the IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society (SSCS). The goal of the school is to provide society members as well researchers and engineers from industry the opportunity to learn about new emerging areas from leading experts in the field. 

ACTS is an example of high-level continuous education for junior engineers, teachers in academe, and students. ACTS was the results of a successful collaboration between societies, the local chapter leaders, and industry leaders.

Ch.1 Design Techniques for High Performance Continuous-time Delta-Sigma Data Converters, discuss the design of continuous-time delta-sigma converters. 

This part will cover the effect of practical nonidealities like excess loop delay, clock jitter and time-constant variations, and ways to overcome them, show the use of these techniques in case studies of several high performance modulator designs.

Ch. 2 Switched-Capacitor Power Converters, introduce the important development of the switched-capacitor circuits, especially for the integrated switched capacitor power converters that fabricate on chip.

Ch. 3 Advance ADC Design Techniques, topics discussed include basic operation of SAR, SAR ADC noise analysis, comparator noise reduction techniques and low power DAC switching techniques.

Ch. 4 Power Management IC Design, part one discuss why need power management ICs, LDO regulator design, Proportional-Integral-Derivative(PID) control for LDOs, digital LDOs and 

Analog-Digital hybrid LDOs. Part two is about switched-capacitor DC-DC, include practical issues on capacitor, fundamentals of SC converter and some design examples. Part three is wireless power transfer circuits and systems.

Table of contents

Introduction 5

Chapter 1 

Design Techniques for High Performance Continuous-time 

Delta-Sigma Data Converters 7

 By Shanthi Pavan, IIT

Chapter 2

Switched-Capacitor Power Converters 120

 By Wing-Hung Ki, HKUST

Chapter 3 

Advance ADC Design Techniques 210

 By Nan Sun, Tsinghua University

Chapter 4 

Power Management IC Design 340

 By Yan Lu, Univ. of Macau

About the book:

Author(s): Milin Zhang, Zhihua Wang, Jan Van der Spiegel, Franco Maloberti

Series: Tutorials in Electronic Materials, Circuits and Devices

Publisher: River Publishers, Year: 2023

File : PDF, 14MB


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