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Comprehensive Organometallic Chemistry in pdf


Download this PDF book : Comprehensive Organometallic Chemistry IV. Volume 11: Applications I. Main Group Complexes in Organic Synthesis

Comprehensive Organometallic Chemistry, Fifteen Volume Set is the market-leading resource covering all areas of this critical sub-discipline of chemistry. 

Divided into 15 clear sections, it provides expert coverage of the synthesis, structures, bonding and reactivity of all organometallic compounds, including the mechanisms of the reactions. 

Applications of organometallic chemistry, such as the role of these compounds as reagents and catalysts for organometallic transformations, and their participation in bioorganometallic chemistry, is then covered. This is a vibrant area, as illustrated by the fact that the 2001, 2005 and 2010 Nobel prizes in Chemistry are all concerned with organometallic chemistry. 

This new edition will therefore again provide an invaluable and efficient learning resource for all researchers and educators looking for up-to-date analysis of a particular aspect of organometallic chemistry.

Comprehensive – CHEC IV will offer a comprehensive review of current heterocycles research and critical insight into the future direction of the field with an emphasis on useful and reliable synthesis and reactions, negating the need for individual searches in the primary literature and across various databases

Reputation – The 4th edition will match the impressive reputation of the previous editions as the go-to foundational reference in heterocyclic chemistry

Clearly structured - Meticulously organized, articles are split into 15 sections on key topics and clearly cross-referenced to allow students, researchers and professionals to find relevant information quickly and easily

Interdisciplinary - chapters written by academics and practitioners from various fields and regions will ensure that the knowledge within is easily understood by and applicable to a large audiencea

About this publication

Volume Editors: Volume 1: Patrick L. Holland; Volume 2: Simon Aldridge; Volumes 3 and 4: David P. Mills and Stephen T. Liddle; Volumes 5 and 6: Scott R. Daly; Volumes 7 and 8: Timothy H. Warren; Volumes 9 and 10: Simon Aldridge; Volume 11: David J. Liptrot; Volumes 12 and 13: Ian A. Tonks; Volume 14: Derek P. Gates; Volume 15: Lena J. Daumann and Lena J. Daumanna

Table of contents:

Volume 1: Fundamentals

Volume 2: Groups 1 and 2

Volume 3: Groups 3 to 4 and the f elements - part 1

Volume 4: Groups 3 to 4 and the f elements - part 2

Volume 5: Groups 5 to 7 - part 1

Volume 6: Groups 5 to 7 - part 2

Volume 7: Groups 8 to 10 - part 1

Volume 8: Groups 8 to 10 - part 2

Volume 9: Groups 11 to 13

Volume 10: Groups 14 and 15, Frustrated Lewis Pairs

Volume 11: Applications I. Main Group Complexes in Organic Synthesis

Volume 12: Applications II. d- and f-Block Metal Complexes in Organic Synthesis - part 1

Volume 13: Applications II. d- and f-Block Metal Complexes in Organic Synthesis - part 2

Volume 14: Applications III. Materials Science, Nanoscience, Polymer Science and Surface Chemistry

Volume 15: Applications IV. Bio-Organometallics, Metallo-Therapy, Metallo-Diagnostics, Medicine and Environmental Chemistry

About the book:

Author(s): Parkin G., Meyer K., O’Hare D. (ed.)

Publisher: Elsevier, Year: 2022

File : PDF, 20MB


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