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Chemistry by Raymond Chang in pdf


Free Download Chemistry (14th edition) written by Raymond Chang and Jason Overby in pdf.

The fourteenth edition continues a long tradition of providing a firm foundation in the concepts of chemical principles while instilling an appreciation of the important role chemistry plays in our daily lives.

We believe that it is our responsibility to assist both instructors and students in their pursuit of this goal by presenting a broad range of chemical topics in a logical format. At all times, we strive to balance theory and application and to illustrate principles with applicable examples whenever possible.

As in previous editions, our goal is to create a text that clearly and concisely explains abstract concepts yet comprehensive enough that students are prepared to make the move forward in the chemistry curriculum. Encouraging feedback from instructors and students alike reaffirm that our approach is effective.

For this edition, the art program was completely revised to impart a more modern look and enhance visibility as well as provide better ADA compliance for vision-impaired students. 

Clear graphics are a vital component of the student learning process and as such, all molecular models, graphs, periodic tables, and other figures have been updated with a new look and color scheme.

In some instances, illustrations have been replaced with scientifically accurate photographs for enhanced chemical context. Many chapter-opening photographs have been updated for new insights into various chemical topics and applications.


Measurement and the Properties of Matter

Atoms, Ions, and Molecules

Mass Relationships in Chemical Reactions

Reactions in Aqueous Solutions



Quantum Theory and the Electronic Structure of Atoms

Periodic Relationships Among the Elements

Compounds and Bonding

Structure and Bonding Theories

Intermolecular Forces and Liquids and Solids

Physical Properties of Solutions

Chemical Kinetics

Chemical Equilibrium

Acids and Bases

Acid-Base Equilibria and Solubility Equilibria

Entropy, Gibbs Energy, and Equilibrium


Nuclear Chemistry

Chemistry in the Atmosphere

Metallurgy and the Chemistry of Metals

Nonmetallic Elements and Their Compounds

Coordination Chemistry

Organic Chemistry

Synthetic and Natural Organic Polymers

About the book:

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Pages: 1895, PDF


Free Download the Book: Chemistry (14th edition) written by Raymond Chang and Jason Overby

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