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Algebra, Analysis, and Associated Topics in pdf


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The chapters in this contributed volume explore new results and existing problems in algebra, analysis, and related topics. This broad coverage will help generate new ideas to solve various challenges that face researchers in pure mathematics. 

Specific topics covered include maximal rotational hypersurfaces, k-Horadam sequences, quantum dynamical semigroups, and more. Additionally, several applications of algebraic number theory and analysis are presented. 

Algebra, Analysis, and Associated Topics will appeal to researchers, graduate students, and engineers interested in learning more about the impact pure mathematics has on various fields.


Maximal Rotational Hypersurfaces Having Spacelike Axis, Spacelike Profile Curve in Minkowski Geometry

Erhan Güler, Ömer Kı̇şı̇

On the Generalized k-Horadam-Like Sequences

Kalika Prasad, Hrishikesh Mahato, Munesh Kumari

New Results on (p1, p2, ⋯ , pn, k) Analogue of Lauricella Function with Transforms and Fractional Calculus Operator

Anil Kumar Yadav, Rupakshi Mishra Pandey, Vishnu Narayan Mishra

Absolute Linear Method of Summation for Orthogonal Series

Alka Munjal

Derivations and Special Functions Over Fields

Yashpreet Kaur

On Equalities of Central Automorphism Group with Various Automorphism Groups

Harpal Singh, Sandeep Singh

Automorphism Group and Laplacian Spectrum of a Graph Over Brandt Semigroups

Sandeep Dalal

Unified Iteration Scheme in CAT(0) Spaces and Fixed Point Approximation of Mean Nonexpansive Mappings

Nisha Sharma, Kamal Kumar, Laxmi Rathour, Alka Munjal, Lakshmi Narayan Mishra

Semigroups of Completely Positive Maps

Preetinder Singh

On Sumset Problems and Their Various Types

Ramandeep Kaur, Sandeep Singh

Vector-Valued Affine Bi-Frames on Local Fields

M. Younus Bhat, Owais Ahmad, Altaf A. Bhat, D. K. Jain

A New Perspective on I2

 -Statistical Limit Points and I2

 -Statistical Cluster Points in Probabilistic Normed Spaces

Ömer Kişi, Erhan Güler

Evaluation of Integral Transforms in Terms of Humbert and Lauricella Functions and Their Applications

Abdelmajid Belafhal, Halima Benzehoua, Talha Usman

Some Spaces in Neutrosophic e-Open Sets

A. Vadivel, P. Thangaraja, C. John Sundar

Generalized Finite Continuous Ridgelet Transform

Nitu Gupta, V. R. Lakshmi Gorty

About the book:

Editors Sandeep Singh, Mehmet Ali Sarigöl, Alka Munjal

Published: 16 January 2023

Edition Number 1

Number of Pages 237, PDF


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