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Illustrated Maths Dictionary free Download

Illustrated Maths Dictionary pdf free book written by Judith De Klerk

This fourth edition of the best-selling Illustrated Maths Dictionary features a new design, new illustrations and the addition of computer terminology in the useful information section. The new edition comes with an electronic version of the dictionary for use on your computer.

The Illustrated Maths Dictionary fourth edition is a comprehensive update of the most thorough mathematics dictionary for primary school students, student teachers and teachers in Australia.


Useful information 
Units of measurement 
A list of symbols  Roman numerals  Parts of a circle  Metric relationships Formulae  More formulae 
Large numbers 
Letters used in mathematics 
Decimal system prefixes Numerical prefixes  Other prefixes 
The multiplication square 
Greek alphabet 
Conversion tables: metric and imperial Computing terms

About the book:

Year: 2007

Edition : 4th

Language: english

Pages: 167

File:  PDF, 16.44 MB


Download the book for free: Illustrated Maths Dictionary 

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