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Theoretical Nuclear Physics in pdf


Download this PDF book: Theoretical Nuclear Physics by  John M. Blatt , Victor F. Weisskopf

The last twenty years have witnessed an enormous development of nuclear physics. A large number of data have accumulated and many experimental facts are known. 

As the experimental techniques have achieved greater and greater perfection, the theoretical analysis and interpretation of these data have become correspondingly more accurate and detailed. The development of nuclear physics has depended on the development of physics as a whole. 

While there were interesting speculations about nuclear constitution as early as 1922, it was impossible to make any quantitative theory of even the simplest nucleus until the discovery of quantum mechanics on the one hand, and the development of experimental methods sufficiently sensitive to detect the presence of a neutral particle (the neutron) on the other hand. 

The further development of our understanding of the nucleus has depended, and still depends, on the development of ever more powerful experimental techniques for measuring nuclear properties and more powerful theoretical techniques for correlating these properties. 

Practically every "simple," "reasonable," and "plausible" assumption made in theoretical nuclear physics has turned out to be in need of refinement; and the numerous attempts to derive nuclear forces and the properties of nuclei from a more" fundamental" approach than the analysis of the data have proved unsuccessful so far. Nuclear physics is by no means a finished edifice.

Table of contents

General Properties of the Nucléus

Two-Body Problems at Low Energies

Nuclear Forces

Two-Body Problems at High Energies

Three- and Four-Body Problems

Nuclear Spectroscopy I. General Theory

Nuclear Spectroscopy II. Special Models

Nuclear Reactions: General Theory

Nuclear Reactions; Application of the Theory to Experiments

Formal Theory of Nuclear Reactions

Spontaneous Decay of Nuclei

Interaction of Nuclei with Electromagnetic Radiation


Nuclear Shell Structure

About the book:

jlohn Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1952

875 Pages

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