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Cie as and a level chemistry revision guide in pdf


Cambridge International As and A Level Chemistry Revision Guide is edited by David Bevan and published by Hodder Education, UK in 2011. This book is intended to help you to prepare for your University of Cambridge International AS and A level chemistry examinations. 

It is a revision guide, which you can use alongside your usual textbook as you work through your course, and also towards the end when you are revising for your examination.

The CIE A Level Chemistry Revision Guide has four main sections:

This Introduction contains an overview of the AS and A2 chemistry courses and how they are assessed, some advice on revision and advice on the question papers.

The Content Guidance provides a summary of the facts and concepts that you need to know for the AS and A2 chemistry examinations.

The Experimental Skills section explains the data-handling skills you will need to answer some of the questions in the written papers. It also explains the practical skills that you will need in order to do well in the practical examination.

The Questions and Answers section contains practice examination papers for you to try. There is also a set of students’ answers for each question, with comments from an examiner.



About this guide

The syllabus


Scientific language


The examination

Content Guidance

Atoms, molecules and stoichiometry

Atomic structure

Chemical bonding

States of matter

Chemical energetics



Reaction kinetics

Chemical periodicity

Group chemistry

The transition elements

Nitrogen and sulfur

Introduction to organic chemistry


Halogen and hydroxy compounds

Carbonyl compounds

Carboxylic acid and their derivatives

Nitrogen Compounds


Applications of chemistry

Experimental Skills & Investigations

Paper 3: AS practical paper

Paper 5: A2 assessment

Questions & Answers

About this section

AS exemplar paper

A2 exemplar paper

‘Try this yourself’ answers

About the book:

Pages: 273

File:  PDF, 10.2 MB,


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