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Chemistry: Structure and Dynamics in pdf

Download this PDF book: Chemistry: Structure and Dynamics,by James N. Spencer, George M. Bodner, Lyman H. Rickard

Spencer's Chemistry: Structure and Dynamics is the most successful reform project published for the General Chemistry course. The authors have built the text on the recommendations of the ACS's Task Force on the General Chemistry Curriculum and suggestions from the adopters of previous editions. 

This innovative text provides a sixteen-chapter introduction to the fundamental concepts of chemistry. The material is supplemented by special topics at the end of each chapter. 

There are three major themes that link the content of the book: the process of science, the relationship between molecular structure and physical/chemical properties, and the relationship between the microscopic and macroscopic levels. 

Spencer's Chemistry can work successfully in both small and large lecture courses.

About the Author

Dr. James Spencer is a professor of chemistry at Franklin and Marshall College. He has received a number of awards and commendations including the Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching, Bradley R. Dewey Award for Outstanding Scholarship, and the Chemical Manufacturers Association National Award for Teaching. 

Dr. Spencer was a founding member of the Council on Undergraduate Research, a national organization dedicated to promoting research in all disciplines by undergraduates. 

He was appointed chair of the ACS Task Force on the General Chemistry Curriculum, served as a member and chair of the Advanced Placement Chemistry Committee and now chairs the Advanced Placement Redesign Panel for Chemistry

The fifth edition of Chemistry: Structure and Dynamics, retains its hallmark features— brevity, flexibility, and currency—while increasing its ease of use in the classroom.

This edition includes:

Expanded discussions of Le Châtelier’s Principle, solubility, buffers, indicators and acid-base titrations.

A rearrangement of Chapters 1 and 2 including the integration of units, unit conversions, scientific notation and significant figures into the context of the text as they are needed in the discussion. Students are referred to Appendix A for a more in-depth discussion of these topics.

Expanded development of the use of Dalton’s law in Chapter 6.

A new section on work has been added to Chapter 7.

A new section on buffers including the development and use of the Henderson- Hasselbalch equation has been added to Chapter 11. An added section discusses acid-base indicators and their color changes.

The electrolysis of molten NaCl, aqueous water, and aqueous NaCl are now presented in Chapter 12.

New problems, examples, and exercises have been added throughout the text.

The text is written for students taking introductory chemistry for science and math majors. Its flexibility, however, makes it appropriate for most introductory chemistry courses. The choice of concepts to include in the core is based on two primary criteria.

First, the concepts should be the most fundamental building blocks for understanding chemistry—concepts that provide the basis on which remaining parts of the core and the modules are built. Second, these concepts should be perceived by the students as being directly applicable to their majors or careers.


Elements and Compounds

The Mole: The Link between the Macroscopic and the Atomic Worlds of Chemistry

The Structure of the Atom

The Covalent Bond

Ionic and Metallic Bonds


Making and Breaking of Bonds

Liquids and Solutions


The Connection Between Kinetics and Equilibrium

Acids and Bases

Oxidation–Reduction Reactions

Chemical Thermodynamics


Nuclear Chemistry

Organic Chemistry

About the book:

Publisher ‏ : ‎ John Wiley & Sons, Inc.; 5th edition 

Publication date ‏ : ‎ December 10, 2010

Language ‏ : ‎ English

Pages ‏ : ‎ 928 

File : PDF, 29MB


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