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Better Flutter by Sanjib Sinha in pdf


Download this PDF book: Better Flutter Learn essential concepts to be a better Flutter developer by Sanjib Sinha

Before getting started, let me tell you one thing. Always use the latest Provider package1 for state management. And always maintain the Null Safety2.

I also strongly recommend to read the latest and updated articles on Flutter 3.

What does Immutable mean?

Immutable means unchangeable. With reference to the above ques-

tions we can say Flutter widgets are immutable because they don’t want to change.

That’s why in Flutter’s documentation it says:

Use const widgets where possible. (This is equivalent to caching a widget and re-using it.)

In the above statement ‘const’ means constant. And you know constant value does not change. So Flutter team insists us to make widgets immutable.

Why the flutter widgets don’t want to change? What is the problem, if they change?


1. What is immutable in Flutter? Why Flutter widgets are immutable?

2. Essential Widgets, From Layout to Stateful and Stateless

3. Inherited Widget, Provider and State Management in Flutter

4. Theme, Styling, Fonts and Images Best Practices in Flutter

5. How to handle collections of items, all about List and

6. Everything about Flutter Navigation and Route

About the book:

Categories: Computers - Web Development

Year: 2021

Publisher: leanpub com

Language: English

Pages: 351

File : PDF, 7MB


Free Download the Book: Better Flutter Learn essential concepts to be a better Flutter developer by Sanjib Sinha

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