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The Algorithmic Beauty of Plants in pdf


Download this PDF book: The Algorithmic Beauty of Plants (The Virtual Laboratory) by Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz , Aristid Lindenmayer , J.S. Hanan , F.D. Fracchia , D.R. Fowler , M.J.M. de Boer , L. Mercer 

Now available in an affordable softcover edition, this classic in Springer's acclaimed Virtual Laboratory series is the first comprehensive account of the computer simulation of plant development. 150 illustrations, one third of them in colour, vividly demonstrate the spectacular results of the algorithms used to model plant shapes and developmental processes. 

The latest in computer-generated images allow us to look at plants growing, self-replicating, responding to external factors and even mutating, without becoming entangled in the underlying mathematical formulae involved. 

The authors place particular emphasis on Lindenmayer systems - a notion conceived by one of the authors, Aristid Lindenmayer, and internationally recognised for its exceptional elegance in modelling biological phenomena. Nonetheless, the two authors take great care to present a survey of alternative methods for plant modelling.


"This marvelous book will occupy an important place in the scientific literature." --Prof. Heinz-Otto Peitgen, author of The Beauty of Fractals "...will perform a valuable service by popularizing this enlightening and bewitching form of mathematics." --Steven Levy "...full of delights and an excellent introduction to L-systems"

While preparing this book, we received extraordinary support and help from many people, and we are deeply thankful to all of them. First of all, we would like to thank those who were directly involved in the underlying research and software development. Craig Kolb wrote the ray tracer rayshade used to render many of the images included in the book. 

Allan Snider developed several software tools, including a previewer for rayshade, and provided valuable expertise in ray-tracing. Daryl Hepting developed software for rendering sets defined by iterated function systems and provided diagrams for Chapter 8. Norma Fuller modeled several man-made objects incorporated into the images. 

We would like to thank Zdzislaw Pawlak and Grzegorz Rozenberg who initiated the contact between the Theoretical Biology Group at the University of Utrecht and the Computer Graphics Group at the University of Regina. 

Benoit Mandelbrot and Heinz-Otto Peitgen made it possible to conduct parts of the reported research at Yale University and the University of Bremen. We are also grateful to all those who shared their knowledge with us and made suggestions reflected in this book.

Discussions and correspondence with Jules Bloomenthal, Mark de Does, Pauline Hogeweg, Jacqueline and Hermann L¨uck, Gavin Miller, Laurie Reuter, Dietmar Saupe and Alvy Ray Smith were particularly fruitful. Research reported in this book was funded by grants from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, as well as an equipment donation and a research grant from Apple Computer, Inc. 

We are particularly grateful to Mark Cutter for making the support from Apple possible. The Graphics Laboratory at the University of Regina also enjoys continued support from the university. The influence of Lawrence Symes and R. Brien Maguire is deeply appreciated. 

In addition, the University of Regina and the University of Utrecht contributed towards travel expenses. We would like to thank Springer-Verlag and in particular, Gerhard Rossbach and Nina LaVoy from the Springer West Coast Office, for the expedient publishing of this book. Finally, we would like to thank our families and friends for their love, support and patience while we worked on this book.


1 Graphical modeling using L-systems 

2 Modeling of trees 

3 Developmental models of herbaceous plants 

4 Phyllotaxis 

5 Models of plant organs 

6 Animation of plant development 

7 Modeling of cellular layers 

8 Fractal properties of plants

About the book:

Publisher ‏ : ‎ Springer; F Second Printing Used edition (October 11, 1991)

Language ‏ : ‎ English

Pages ‏ : ‎ 240

File : PDF, 13MB


Free Download the Book: The Algorithmic Beauty of Plants (The Virtual Laboratory) by Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz , Aristid Lindenmayer , J.S. Hanan , F.D. Fracchia , D.R. Fowler , M.J.M. de Boer , L. Mercer 

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