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Programming TypeScript by Boris Cherny in pdf


Download this PDF book: Programming TypeScript: Making Your JavaScript Applications Scale 1st Edition by Boris Cherny

So, you decided to buy a book about TypeScript. Why? Maybe it’s because you’re sick of those weird cannot read property blah of undefined JavaScript errors. 

Or maybe you heard TypeScript can help your code scale better, and wanted to see what all the fuss is about. Or you’re a C# person, and have been thinking of trying out this whole JavaScript thing. Or you’re a functional programmer, and decided it was time to take your chops to the next level. 

Or your boss was so fed up with your code causing production issues that they gave you this book as a Christmas present (stop me if I’m getting warm). Whatever your reasons are, what you’ve heard is true. TypeScript is the language that will power the next generation of web apps, mobile apps, NodeJS projects, and Inter‐ net of Things (IoT) devices. 

It will make your programs safer by checking for com‐ mon mistakes, serve as documentation for yourself and future engineers, make refactoring painless, and make, like, half of your unit tests unnecessary (“What unit tests?”). 

TypeScript will double your productivity as a programmer, and it will land you a date with that cute barista across the street. But before you go rushing across the street, let’s unpack all of that a little bit, starting with this: what exactly do I mean when I say “safer”? What I am talking about, of course, is type safety.

Any programmer working with a dynamically typed language will tell you how hard it is to scale to more lines of code and more engineers. That’s why Facebook, Google, and Microsoft invented gradual static type layers for their dynamically typed JavaScript and Python code. This practical book shows you how one such type layer, TypeScript, is unique among them: it makes programming fun with its powerful static type system.

If you’re a programmer with intermediate JavaScript experience, author Boris Cherny will teach you how to master the TypeScript language. You’ll understand how TypeScript can help you eliminate bugs in your code and enable you to scale your code across more engineers than you could before.

In this book, you’ll:

Start with the basics: Learn about TypeScript’s different types and type operators, including what they’re for and how they’re used

Explore advanced topics: Understand TypeScript’s sophisticated type system, including how to safely handle errors and build asynchronous programs

Dive in hands-on: Use TypeScript with your favorite frontend and backend frameworks, migrate your existing JavaScript project to TypeScript, and run your TypeScript application in production

From the Preface

This is a book for programmers of all walks: professional JavaScript engineers, C# people, Java sympathizers, Python lovers, Ruby aficionados, Haskell nerds. Whatever language(s) you write in, so long as you have some experience programming and know the basics of functions, variables, classes, and errors, this book is for you. 

Some experience with JavaScript, including a basic knowledge of the Document Object Model (DOM) and the network, will help you along the way—while we don’t dive deep into these concepts, they are a wellspring of excellent examples, and if you’re not familiar with them the examples might not make as much sense.

Regardless of what programming languages you’ve used in the past, what unites all of us is our shared experience of tracking down exceptions, tracing through code line by line to figure out what went wrong and how we can fix it. This is the experience that TypeScript helps prevent by examining your code automatically and pointing out the mistakes you may have missed.

It’s OK if you haven’t worked with a statically typed language before. I’ll teach you about types and how to use them effectively to make your programs crash less, document your code better, and scale your applications across more users, engineers, and servers. 

I’ll try to avoid big words when I can, and explain ideas in a way that’s intuitive, memorable, and practical, using lots of examples along the way to help keep things concrete.

That’s the thing about TypeScript: unlike a lot of other typed languages, TypeScript is intensely practical. It invents completely new concepts so you can speak more concisely and precisely, letting you write applications in a way that’s fun, modern, and safe.


1. Introduction

2. TypeScript: A 10_000 Foot View

3. All About Types

4. Functions

5. Classes and Interfaces

6. Advanced Types

7. Handling Errors

8. Asynchronous Programming, Concurrency, and Parallelism

9. Frontend and Backend Frameworks

10. Namespaces.Modules

11. Interoperating with JavaScript

12. Building and Running TypeScript

13. Conclusion

About the Author:

Boris Cherny is a Software Engineer at Facebook and the organizer of the San Francisco TypeScript Meetup. 

A longtime JavaScript programmer and functional programming evangelist Boris has started several startups, and led engineering teams in adtech and venture capital. In his free time, you can find him working on open source on Github.

About the book:

Publisher ‏ : ‎ O'Reilly Media; 1st edition (May 23, 2019)

Language ‏ : ‎ English

Pages ‏ : ‎ 324 

File : PDF, 9MB


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