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Quantitative Chemical Analysis in pdf


Free download Quantitative Chemical Analysis (9th edition) written by Daniel C. Harris and Charles A. Lucy in PDF.

As per writer, “In this edition, the introduction to titrations has been consolidated in Chapter 7. Acid-base, EDTA, redox, and spectrophotometric titrations are still treated in other chapters. 

The power of the spreadsheet is unleashed in Chapter 8 to reach numerical solutions to equilibrium problems and in Chapter 19 to compute equilibrium constants from spectrophotometric data.

Atomic spectroscopy Chapter 21 has a new section on X-ray fluorescence as a routine analytical tool. Mass spectrometry Chapter 22 has been expanded to increase the level of detail and to help keep up with new developments. 

Chapter 27 has an extraordinary sequence of micrographs showing the onset of crystallization of a precipitate. Three new methods in sample preparation were added to Chapter 28. Appendix B takes a deeper look at propagation of uncertainty and Appendix C treats analysis of variance.

Topics are introduced and illustrated with concrete, interesting examples. In addition to their pedagogic value, Chapter Openers, Boxes, Demonstrations, and Color Plates are intended to help lighten the load of a very dense subject. Chapter Openers show the relevance of analytical chemistry to the real world and to other disciplines of science. 

I can’t come to your classroom to present Chemical Demonstrations, but I can tell you about some of my favorites and show how they look with the Color Plates located near the center of the book. Boxes discuss interesting topics related to what you are studying or amplify points in the text.”

About the Author

Dan Harris was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1948. He earned degrees in Chemistry from MIT in 1968 and Caltech 1973 and was a postdoc at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York. 

After teaching at the University of California at Davis from 1975-1980 and at Franklin and Marshall College from 1980-1983, he moved to the Naval Air Systems Command at China Lake, California, where he is now a Senior Scientist and Esteemed Fellow. 

While teaching analytical chemistry at Davis, he wrote his lectures in bound form for his students. This volume caught the attention of publishers' representatives wandering through the college bookstore. The first edition of Quantitative Chemical Analysis was published in 1982. 

The first edition of Exploring Chemical Analysis came out in 1996. Both have undergone regular revision. Dan is also co-author of Symmetry and Spectroscopy published in 1978 by Oxford University Press and now available from Dover Press. 

His book Materials for Infrared Windows and Domes was published by SPIE press in 1999. Dan and his wife Sally were married in 1970. They have two children and four grandchildren. Sally's work on every edition of the books is essential to their quality and accuracy."


The Analytical Process

Chemical Measurements

Tools of the Trade

Experimental Error


Quality Assurance and Calibration Methods

Chemical Equilibrium

Let the Titrations Begin

Activity and the Systematic Treatment of Equilibrium

Monoprotic Acid-Base Equilibria

Polyprotic Acid-Base Equilibria

Acid-Base Titrations

EDTA Titrations

Advanced Topics in Equilibrium

Fundamentals of Electrochemistry

Electrodes and Potentiometry

Redox Titrations

Electroanalytical Techniques

Fundamentals of Spectrophotometry

Applications of Spectrophotometry


Atomic Spectroscopy

Mass Spectrometry

Introduction to Analytical Separations

Gas Chromatography

High-Performance Liquid Chromatography

Chromatographic Methods and Capillary Electrophoresis

Gravimetric and Combustion Analysis

Sample Preparation

About The Book:

Publisher ‏ : ‎ W. H. Freeman; 9th edition (May 29, 2015)

Language ‏ : ‎ English

Pages : ‎ 998

File : PDF, 31 MB


Free Download the Book: Quantitative Chemical Analysis (9th edition) written by Daniel C. Harris and Charles A. Lucy

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