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Principles of Inorganic Chemistry Pdf Book

Principles of Inorganic Chemistry PDF Book by Pfennig, Brian William for Free Download

Aimed at senior undergraduates and first-year graduate students, this book offers a principles-based approach to inorganic chemistry that, unlike other texts, uses chemical applications of group theory and molecular orbital theory throughout as an underlying framework. This highly physical approach allows students to derive the greatest benefit of topics such as molecular orbital acid-base theory, band theory of solids, and inorganic photochemistry, to name a few. Takes a principles-based, group and molecular orbital theory approach to inorganic chemistry The first inorganic chemistry textbook to provide a thorough treatment of group theory, a topic usually relegated to only one or two chapters of texts, giving it only a cursory overview Covers atomic and molecular term symbols, symmetry coordinates in vibrational spectroscopy using the projection operator method, polyatomic MO theory, band theory, and Tanabe-Sugano diagrams Includes a heavy dose of group theory in the primary inorganic textbook, most of the pedagogical benefits of integration and reinforcement of this material in the treatment of other topics, such as frontier MO acid--base theory, band theory of solids, inorganic photochemistry, the Jahn-Teller effect, and Wade's rules are fully realized Very physical in nature compare to other textbooks in the field, taking the time to go through mathematical derivations and to compare and contrast different theories of bonding in order to allow for a more rigorous treatment of their application to molecular structure, bonding, and spectroscopy Informal and engaging writing style; worked examples throughout the text; unanswered problems in every chapter; contains a generous use of informative, colorful illustrations.


Chapter 1 | The Composition of Matter 1
Chapter 2 | The Structure of the Nucleus 15
Chapter 3 | A Brief Review of Quantum Theory 41
Chapter 4 | Atomic Structure 81
Chapter 5 | Periodic Properties of the Elements 109
Chapter 6 | An Introduction to Chemical Bonding 139
Chapter 7 | Molecular Geometry 155
Chapter 8 | Molecular Symmetry 179
Chapter 9 | Vibrational Spectroscopy 227
Chapter 10 | Covalent Bonding 259
Chapter 11 | Metallic Bonding 339
Chapter 12 | Ionic Bonding 391
Chapter 13 | Structure and Bonding 431
Chapter 14 | Structure and Reactivity 453
Chapter 15 | An Introduction to Coordination Compounds 483
Chapter 16 | Structure, Bonding, and Spectroscopy of Coordination Compounds 509
Chapter 17 | Reactions of Coordination Compounds 573
Chapter 18 | Structure and Bonding in Organometallic Compounds 627
Chapter 19 | Reactions of Organometallic Compounds 655

Info About The Book:

Categories:   Chemistry - Inorganic Chemistry
Year:            2015
Edition:        1
Publisher:     Wiley
Language:     English
Pages:           760 / 763
File:              PDF, 49.59 MB

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