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Complete Chemistry for Cambridge IGCSE: PDF Book

Complete Chemistry for Cambridge IGCSE: PDF Book by RoseMarie Gallagher, Paul Ingram for free Download

This book meets the needs of all students following the Cambridge IGCSE syllabus for Chemistry. Updated for the most recent syllabus and the latest scientific developments, it covers all aspects of the syllabus content in an attractive and engaging format for both native and non-native speakers of English. Each book is accompanied by a free CD which provides a wealth of support for students, such as practical investigations, practice exam-questions and revision tips. An accompanying Teacher's Guide and Revision Guide are also available. Fully endorsed by Cambridge International Examinations.


1 States of matter
2 Separating substances
3 Atoms and elements
4 Atoms combining
5 Reacting masses, and chemical equations
6 Using moles
7 Redox reactions
8 Electricity and chemical change
9 Energy change, and reversible reactions
10 The speed of a reaction
11 Acids and bases
12 The periodic table
13 The behaviour of metals
14 Making use of metals
15 Air and water
16 Some non-metals and their compounds
17 Organic chemistry
18 Polymers
19 In the lab

Info About The Book:

Categories: Chemistry - Inorganic Chemistry
Year: 2014
Edition: 2
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Language: English
Pages: 320 / 322
Series: Cambridge IGCSE
File:  PDF, 34.76 MB
Download the book for free:  Complete Chemistry for Cambridge IGCSE: PDF Book by RoseMarie Gallagher, Paul Ingram
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