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Domain-Driven Laravel by Jesse Griffin in pdf


Domain-Driven Laravel: Learn to Implement Domain-Driven Design Using Laravel by Jesse Griffin in PDF for free download.

Map concepts and ideas in domain-driven design (DDD) and transpose them into clean, testable, and quality code that is effective alongside the Laravel framework. This book teaches you how to implement the concepts and patterns present in DDD in the real world as a complete web application. With these tactics and concepts in place, you'll engage in a variety of example applications, built from the ground up, and taken directly from real-world domains.

Begin by reviewing foundational stepping stones (with small, manageable examples to show proof of concepts as well as illustrations to conceptualize the more complex topics) of both DDD and Laravel. Specifically, such topics as entities, value objects, developing an ubiquitous language, DTOs, and knowledge discovery. Next, you will dive into some more advanced topics of DDD and use these concepts as a guide to make customizations to the default Laravel installation, giving you an understanding of why these alterations are vital to the DDD and Laravel platform. Finally, you will cover the very powerful Eloquent ORM that comes stock with Laravel and understand how it can be utilized to represent entities, handle repositories, and support domain events.

Although there is a basic coverage chapter and a setup tutorial for Laravel (along with a high level intro about the components used within it), Domain-Driven Laravel is best suited to readers who have been at least exposed to the framework and have had the opportunity to tinker around with it.

What You'll Learn

Utilize a blazing-fast rapid development pipeline built from DDD building blocks and facilitated with Laravel

Implement value objects, repositories, entities, anti-corruption layers and others using Laravel as a web framework

Apply enhanced techniques for quick prototyping of complex requirements and quality results using an iterative and focused approach

Create a base framework (Laravel) that can serve as a template to start off any project

Gain insight on which details are important to a project’s success and how to acquire the necessary knowledge

Who This Book Is For

Ideal for for frontend/backend web developers, devops engineers, Laravel framework lovers and PHP developers hoping to learn more about either Domain Driven Design or the possibilities with the Laravel framework. Those with a working knowledge of plain PHP can also gain value from reading this book.


Part I: An Odd Combination 
Chapter 1: Laying the Foundation
Chapter 2: Foundational Bootcamp 
Chapter 3: Domain-Driven What?
Chapter 4: Introduction to Laravel
Chapter 5: Advanced Laravel
Chapter 6: Architecting a Claim Processing System
Chapter 7: Modeling and Implementing the Domain
Chapter 8: Modularizing Laravel
Part II: A Domain-Driven Approach
Chapter 9: A Domain-Driven Approach to Claim Submission
Chapter 10: A Domain-Driven Approach to Claim Validation
Chapter 11: Context Maps
Part III: Technical Aspects of DDD
Chapter 12: DTOs, Entities, and Value Objects
Chapter 13: Domain Events
Chapter 14: Repositories
Chapter 15: Factories and Aggregates
Chapter 16: Services
Part IV: DDD via Laravel
Chapter 17: Hexagonal-Driven Development
Chapter 18: Applying DDL in the Real World
Chapter 19: Conclusion and Additional Thoughts

About the book:

Year: 2021

Edition: 1st ed.

Publisher: Apress

Language: English

Pages: 621

File: PDF, 8.86 MB


Download the book for free: Domain-Driven Laravel by Jesse Griffin

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